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About Us

We founded Nomadica for everyone to enjoy wines curated by world class sommeliers. 

We’re female founders, artist supporters, & based in Los Angeles.

Meet Kristin

CoFounder & CBO

After earning a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Gender Studies, Kristin caught the bug for good juice while working in restaurants in San Francisco.  Though she was busy completing a pre-med degree at Harvard, when applying to med schools she couldn’t deny her love of the vine and committed to the pursuit of palate.   

She is a certified sommelier; currently the Wine Director at Gigi’s in Los Angeles; formerly at Osteria Mozza, Husk, F10 Creative and Straight Wharf. She’s passionate about high quality, small producers who focus on sustainable practices and responsible farming. She’s stoked on the new California winemaking landscape and particularly nerdy about French and Italian wines. 

Follow her on IG @kristin___o


Meet Emma

CoFounder & CEO

Nomadica Emma Toshack CoFounder CEO

Emma's story starts in Sydney - where she dropped out of law school to start a restaurant and fell in love with food. After a fire shut it down she went on to ride horses for a year before finally finishing law school, but her love of food & wine was there to stay.

After college she joined The Boston Consulting Group, where she worked for 3.5 years, making too many excel spreadsheets & wearing too many suits. She moved to Boston to get her MBA at Harvard Business School; there she co-founded Startup Lockdown and Hello Alfred before moving to Los Angeles to join Snapchat in 2015. She left 18 months later to launch Nomadica with Kristin, and the sommelier curated wine experience she'd been dreaming of for years was born.

Emma lives in Los Angeles with her girlfriend; she loves art, her dog Apollo, and supporting the Los Angeles LGBTQ community.

Follow her on instagram @emtoshack


Meet Apollo

Chief of Mischief

Apollo got his start in life in June 2017. Born into a big family who all went their own way early in life, he loves pigs ears, shredding papers, chasing birds and cuddle time. He has an excellent nose, which should set him up for success as a master bird-somm.

Currently his favorite wine is Birddendy, from a region just south of Squirrelville, know for it's excellent running-around-areas, plentiful quail & endless tug-toys.

He likes living in Los Angeles but dreams of hunting pheasants in the town of Dinnertime to pair with mommy's special edition Pinot Noir. 

Follow him on Instagram @ApolloThePointer