"The Evolution of Marketing Wine"

View the original piece  here

View the original piece here

HUFFINGTON POST calls us out as one of the leading new wine brands - thank you, we're honored!

"Keeping a brand in the mind of the consumer is no easy task. Especially today as there are more choices than ever. Do you remember when the bread options were white, wheat and rye? Now there’s an entire aisle dedicated to bread.

There is no lack of wine and spirits companies vying for your business, and their marketing teams have become VERY creative in drawing your attention to their brand. 

Remember when wine in a box was the cool, new trend? Or you simply shopped for wine by which label you liked best?

Move over box of wine – check out Nomadica Wines


This female owned & operated company celebrates great wine from small-batch winemakers from around the country and distributes in single serve cans perfect for outdoor events, on the beach or just on the go. Not only is the idea of wine in a can creative, but the cans themselves are creative too. Each one is decorated with unique art by illustrators, painters, sculptors, photographers and even street artists."


Emma Toshack