11 Things to Pack for Coachella 2018

11 things to pack for Coachella 2018 nomadica

It's almost time again. Here's 11 things to pack for Coachella this year.


1. Nomadica Wine (duh)

Canned wine is all the rage sure, but get the good stuff for f’s sake. Order Nomadica - we'll deliver it in advance to your house or hotel, so you can stock your fridge for the weekend. Cans for the pool, cans for the uber, cans to walk around Palm Springs, cans for your pregame. Just don’t sneak them into parties or the festival. We'd never suggest that.


2. Comfy Shoes

You're gonna be on your feet all damn day. It’s probably dumb to run the entire festival marathon in new shoes but if you’re feeling ballsy or stupid, we suggest Allbirds, Keds, and Acne for sneakers. Target x Hunter for boots to channel your Glastonbury-in-the-desert look. Or let your feet breathe in espadrilles from Toms or Gucci. We’ll be taking our Mahabis for padding around back at the house.   


3. Bandanas

Protection from the sun and a westworld season 2 preview? Until our nomadica bandanna is available we like Madewell when we’re saving money for wine, but these Alexander McQueen skulls when we’re not.


4. Sunglasses

We've worn Chanel sunnies to Coachella before. We've never come home with them. Our fave cheap frames are Gamma Ray Wayfarers ($17), Zero UV Sunglasses ($13) and Kent Wang Keyholes ($55). We're also pretty into making custom Knockarounds ($35) (try randomize for sunnies your mom will definitely mock you for). When we upgrade we go for Warby Parkers ($100).


5. Sunscreen & SPF Lip Balm grab anything at cvs. Just don’t forget.


6. Water - use a Camelbak or Hydroflask  


7. Guitar - buy a cheap guitar on amazon and have it shipped it to your house. Nothing’s more fun than a morning singalong by the pool. Finding a housemate who can play is harder.


8. Portable charger this is the best one for portability


9. Hand sanitizer get some clip-on hand sanitizers. Keep one, hand out the others to your friends for that i could be your mother moment


10. Luggage

It's never a bad time for a new bag. Our favorite place to stash our stuff is in our Away suitcase, our Filson Ranger Backpack, and our Paravel Duffle in Bebop


11. Weed

Until Nomadica Weed is released (sign up for notifications here), we'll be packing Bliss from Dosist and The Rooster by OMG Farms.

Emma Toshack