Place Invaders Dinner


We're so excited to partner with PlaceInvaders for their upcoming LA dinner series with chef partner Brazilian-American chef Carolina Santos-Neves.

A little about Chef Carolina: After graduating from Brown University with a B.A. in post-1800s European history, she traveled through and cooked in Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Russia and Portugal, stopping back in the US along the way to achieve a graduate degree from Natural Gourmet Institute's culinary program. Outside of cooking, she worked as an editor at Epicurious for 5 years. You might know her from the two Latin American-inspired restaurants she's co-founded in New York, Colonia Verde and Comodo.

The space we'll Invade is a penthouse in DTLA, formerly home to a now-defunct bank's top-floor Prohibition-era speakeasy. There aren't many spaces in LA like this one, and we're absolutely thrilled to share it with you!

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.53.38 AM.png
Emma Toshack