Our Airstream

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It's big. It's vintage. It's silver. It's shiny. It's a bar on wheels.

It serves ice-cold Nomadica wine, plus whatever other alcohol you need. Perfect for weddings, parties, festivals and events.

It's the future site of your fantasy wedding / birthday / party / solstice. 

Josh found it in Oregon about 6 months ago and we've been working hard to shine it up just for you. Once you see it with our big pink neon Nomadica sign, astro turf and kegs of fresh rosé, you're gonna go nuts. 

It's sold out through mid-December, but we're waitlisting events and taking bookings for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Diego & Palm Springs through Summer 2018 now.

More info on this page here - including bookings - get over there and we'll bring it to you. 

Emma Toshack